Be an Auto Technician

Do you know that it is estimated that there are more than 60,000 job opportunities today for auto technicians? Yes, auto technicians are in demand that an auto technician enjoys a solid and secure career. If you are seriously considering working on cars then it is easy being an auto technician.

Even if you are good at tinkering things with your hands, attending auto mechanic courses is still an advantage. As an auto technician, if you have the skill and have taken classes then getting a better pay will be easy. The reason for this is that today the jobs of auto technicians are not as simple as it was years ago. Today auto technicians need to be knowledgeable in hydraulics, electronics and other system now found in most cars.

As an auto technician, you need to develop your mathematical and solving problem skills. You also need to improve your reading skills so that you will be able to understand those complex car manuals. This is the reason why most auto technicians find ways to attend auto mechanic schools.

Once you are more skilled and once you have completed some auto mechanic programs or courses, then you will begin to enjoy career advancement and better pay. You can then earn as high as $40,000. In some cases, auto technicians even earn better than that. Some auto technicians eventually become service engineers, pit crew for race teams, service managers, automotive writers and auto technology teachers. While many auto technicians after acquiring enough experience and skills soon start their own business.

As an auto technician you will have secure career. The advancement in car technology makes the job dynamic. You will surely find the work challenging, as you become an expert. Since the trend today is in electric cars, you will see the advent of this new technology and will be one of the few experts of that kind of cars.

Find Auto Technician Courses

There are many auto technician courses available. All auto technician courses are designed to give you the necessary foundation in auto mechanic so that you can have entry-level employment in that field. Auto mechanic schools offer the complete eight auto technician courses, which will give you the enough knowledge to pass the ASE examination and get the ASE certificate. This is the only certification for technician that is recognized across the country.

Since there are eight auto technician courses you can choose to take only one and then take the remaining auto technician courses later on. Your education is important so you should work your way into completing the auto technician courses. In fact a certified auto technician earns as much as $60,000 a year. This does not include working on holidays and weekends.

If you are serious about pursuing a career as an auto technician, attending auto technician courses is imperative. This is because cars today are more technical. You need to have the skills for the electronic and computer systems now integrated in cars.

You have to remember that taking those auto technician courses is an investment. There is a continuing demand for expert auto technicians even when the economy is down. Those who are willing to invest in their education will surely earn more than those who are content with their skills. More than that, if you are a certified ASE technician, you will have better job opportunities.

Auto technician courses are available in auto mechanic schools. You can attend the full time or part time or the accelerated courses. These options for auto technician courses are designed to help you take the courses over a period of time, depending on your availability. The auto technician courses are also quite affordable so your can enroll in one even with your low salary.

Get a Job as an Auto Technician

You will be surprised to know that despite our economy, the rate of demand for employees for auto technician jobs is increasing. In 2002, the automotive industry reported that there were 35,000 auto technician jobs available but the positions were not filled. By 2006, the figures were doubled. The study released by the Automotive Retailing Today reported that many educators, students and parents are were not aware of these auto technician job opportunities and their benefits.

The increase in demands for auto technicians was due to the recent advances in cars today. Most cars today are sophisticated and computerized requiring expert technicians to work on them. If you are interested in a high paying and secured job then an auto technician job is the one perfect for you.

Most are not aware of the benefits of the auto technician jobs. Most students thought that other career, such as in health care, pay more and have more benefits. However, auto technician jobs pay as much as $100,000 per year.

Auto technician jobs today are different from what it was just a few years ago. With cars becoming more complex auto technician jobs are far more rewarding and challenging. Aside from that, there is an opportunity for continuous learning. Auto technician jobs use more sophisticated equipment for diagnostics. These jobs require the expertise of the technician. This is the reason why there are many schools offering programs and courses for auto mechanic.

Many people are not aware of several interesting auto technician jobs. For instance, the job of collision repair technician takes more than the usual repair. As collision repair technician, you will need all your skills in doing all an extensive internal and external repair of the car.

With plenty of auto technician jobs available, many auto dealers are recruiting young adult, particularly students, into the industry.

Auto Technician Salary

Auto technicians now enjoy high auto technician pay and benefits. With the many employment opportunities for auto technicians across the nation auto technician pay has increase dramatically. Today auto technician pay can go as high as $100,000 per year. This does not include the overtime pay and working on weekends. Aside from this dramatic increase in auto technician pay, auto technicians now also enjoy additional benefits.

As cars become more complex, the job of the auto technician has also evolved. They are now considered, not just mere mechanics, but car experts. However, auto technician pay is dependent on the skills and experience of the auto technician. Apprentice auto technicians receive flat rate. This means that they are paid the same amount for any job and regardless of the hours spent for that particular job.

The pay of an apprentice is considered low. One way to get a better pay is for you to have more experience and to enroll in courses. There are many schools offering courses and programs for auto mechanic. These courses will teach you the fundamentals of auto mechanic and the use of the latest electronic equipments for car repair and maintenance.

Those who have more experience and educational background are paid better. Auto technician pay gets better as the level of skills of the technician improves. Those who finish the eight courses and earn their ASE certificate are paid much higher. Since this certificate is the only recognized certification for auto technician across the nation, you can demand for a higher pay if you have one.

Since auto technician gives many career opportunities and advancement, once you have earned experience, you can become a service manager, an automotive writer or even a pit crew for race teams. Once you advance in your career, you will experience a very rewarding auto technician pay.

Start Training as an Auto Technician

Upon the rise of career opportunities in the field of automotive technology, the need in undergoing an auto technician training has increased as well. Due to this demand, auto technician training courses have also developed in order to fit in with the latest technologies and more importantly, to better equip those who want to pursue automotive careers.

Auto technician training teaches the basics on how to diagnose automotive problems, as well as how to repair whatever dents and damages automobile parts and engines have incurred. It’s like being a doctor who treats cars, rather than people.

Of course, the different parts of an automotive system will be introduced in an auto technician training, including engine electronics, computerized automotive performance, fuel injection systems, air conditioning systems, various braking systems, computer diagnoses and emissions testing, and systems training in engine performance. In auto technician training, one will also be taught how to use different tools car technicians use in handling automotive problems.

Unlike other courses of study, an auto technician training can be taken in a span of six months to two years. An auto technician training proves to be helpful unlike informal on-the-job trainings because apart from the hands-on lessons, it also teaches the theoretic side of being an automotive technician. Nowadays most auto technician training programs are assisted with computer technology making it easier for students to learn their lessons.

It’s not all about the grease work anymore. And once the auto technician training has been completed (with a series of tests) one can now be a certified car doctor, license included. Once trained, you can now search for jobs like MTV’s Pimp My Ride, opening up their own car restoration shop, become a teacher in schools that offer automotive training, or simply learn to fix your own car without having to pay large bills when it gets broken.